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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today after meeting with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic that the process of solving the problems of Kosovo and Metohija should be continued and further improved in order to reach a solution. She said at a press conference that she discussed with Brnabic the situation in the region, along with cooperation opportunities, and stressed that she was glad that the Berlin Process has proven to be very useful and has led to great opportunities and activities in view of enhancing cooperation. Merkel stressed that there is good bilateral cooperation between the two countries and that there are 400 German companies with 60,000 workers operating in Serbia, while Germany presents a significant trading partner of Serbia. "We have very close relations and I would like to emphasize that Prime Minister Brnabic is not dedicated only to combating unemployment and to the growth of Serbia's economy and a digital...

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They also state that if this issue is on schedule, it will not be put "on the table" in the next few months. "If this is meant to be discussed, it will be further in the future when the new European Commission is set up, which should be decided by the new High...

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According to the "Zeri" newspaper in Pristina, connoisseurs of political circumstances believe that the final agreement could lead to privileges for the Serbs, diminishing the interests of the so-called Kosovo and the destabilization of the Balkans under Russian...

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1,430 employees at the central level and 322 at the local level applied for a public call for a consensual termination of employment with severance pay. The heads of authorized bodies will decide on the requests of interested employees for a consensual termination of...

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