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Stanika Gligorijevic was killed in a car crash on the Doljevac tollbooth in a car accident caused by the driver of Corridors of Serbia Director Zoran Babic. "It was my job to express condolences, as the one who should have done it, failed to do so several months after the accident", President Aleksandar Vucic said in the morning program of TV Pink. When asked whether it is possible that Babic didn't do it, given that his driver had caused this accident, and he was also hurt, Vucic said that Babic did offer his condolences, but only in a phone conversation, not in person. The President said he could not understand that Babic hadn't got time to do it, while he had plenty of time to go to Greece, visit Petrovac, Brioni and Munich in the meantime, asking himself how it was possible that he couldn't make it to Knjazevac. "Why was it so hard to visit the family and offer condolences?", Vucic asked himself. Vucic said that he was always...

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