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They also discussed the situation in the Western Balkans, especially relations between Belgrade and Pristina, and also addressed specific new German investments, whose realization is expected in the near future. Vucic said he was pleased to have had an opportunity to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel again recently in Davos, "because each meeting is a chance to learn something new from her experience and boldness, with which she is leading Germany and Europe." Vucic and Schieb noted Serbia-Germany relations were at a historic high, which they said was a firm foundation for constant improvement of political dialogue and an impetus to economic cooperation. Vucic thanked German investors for employing over 55,000 workers in Serbia and expressed the hope the number would grow with further improvement of the country's business environment, the presidential press office said in a statement. He pointed out that German companies...

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They said that starting on Monday, they would be present in the parliament building and hold press conferences but would not participate in the plenum debate. At the first such press conference - and they announced new ones, "every half an hour" - these deputies...

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The protest note concerns an attack on several water polo players from Serbia's Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) club, that happened over the weekend in Split, Croatia. "The Foreign Ministry has expressed deep concern and disappointment over the attack on the Crvena Zvezda...

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The protest wrapped up just before 8 p.m. outside the Serbian government building after a march down the central city streets, Beta agency reported. Addressing the crowd outside the government building, protest coordinator Jelena Anasonovic told Serbian President...

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