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Another victory declared in "Battle for Maternity Wards"

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in the Balkans," argues in favor of redrawing the borders in the Balkans, to the extent of creating "greater" Serbia, Albania, and Croatia

www.b92.net  •  2016-12-21T15:24:22.0000000+02:00

. Although the Presidential Committee had unanimously removed it from the agenda, representatives of Albania, Britain and Denmark asked that it be included again, and voted

www.b92.net  •  2016-12-21T12:14:55.0000000+02:00


Трибина о насиљу према женама у Радио кафеу

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development in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia). Радио кафе налази се у улици Светозара Милетића 45.

www.rtv.rs  •  2016-12-19T15:13:12.0000000+02:00


Croatia told to "eat humble pie, be quiet about minorities"

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, which may be tactically clever but breaches the spirit of EU norms." The website also sees Albania as capable of becoming "a surprise front-runner in the membership race

www.b92.net  •  2016-12-16T10:40:18.0000000+02:00


EIB VP Scannapieco leads delegation on visit to Serbia

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This union is made up of Tirana, Pristina, Tetovo, Ulcinj, and Presevo, with an agreement of cooperation signed by the mayors of the five towns. The MIA agency is quoting the Tirana-based Top Channel broadcaster as reporting that connecting these m

www.b92.net  •  2016-11-28T13:05:51.0000000+02:00


"Important step in Serbia-Albania economic ties"

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The same is true when it comes to "economic ties throughout the region, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS) President Marko Cadez said on Friday,"according to Tanjug. The association is a service for all entrepreneurs wishing to do bus

www.b92.net  •  2016-11-25T17:19:22.0000000+02:00


PKS to take Serbian companies to Tirana fair

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The fair will be held on November 24-28. The Tirana International Fair is the biggest fair in Albania, which brings together all sectors

www.b92.net  •  2016-11-24T10:45:48.0000000+02:00


19 arrested in Kosovo on suspicion of Islamic State ties

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and their fans during the Albania-Israel match," the Kosovo police said. According to Reuters, "at least 200 people have been detained or investigated in Kosovo

www.b92.net  •  2016-11-17T16:14:10.0000000+02:00


Anniversary of WW2 operation to rescue Allied pilots

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and made without the UN Security Council consent. "From the beginning your plan has been the unification with Albania, you are not a Kosovar

www.b92.net  •  2016-11-17T11:11:57.0000000+02:00


Western Balkans Fund set to be established

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Its aim is to "strengthen ties and encouraging the European integration of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia

www.b92.net  •  2016-11-11T10:41:19.0000000+02:00


Albanian PM: Albania's and Kosovo's great friend did not win

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. will continue to strengthen in view of our shared values and interests. Albania is a friend and an ally of the U.S. government," he said.

www.b92.net  •  2016-11-09T13:41:07.0000000+02:00


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