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Ana Popovic in the Employment Department and Kruna Savovic in the Technology, Media and Telecommunication Department are promoted to Partners, while Ivan Ljubisavljevic, from the Dispute Resolution Department is promoted to Senior Associate. As of January, 1st 2019, Ana Popovic and Kruna Savovic will take over as Partner of Zivkovic Samardzic. Ivan Ljubisavljevic is also joining to this promotion in order to further improve cooperation between clients as Senior Associate. "I am very happy that my friends and great professionals, persons with integrity and vast knowledge and experience on the law market, are promoted in our team. Considering the fact that one of Zivkovic Samardzic office priorities is law excellence, Ana’s, Kruna’s and Ivan’s expertise will be priceless and together we are going to take the office to new levels of client satisfaction. I wish them all the best for their new roles and welcome them to the new...

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On that occasion, Vucic said that Serbia, as a true friend and trusted partner, will always be a strong support for the RS, the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina. "Serbia will always, respecting the Dayton agreement, support various infrastructure and other projects...

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In making this decision, the Executive Board primarily took into account the outlook for inflation and its factors going forward, as well as the effects of past monetary policy easing, the central bank has announced. Inflationary pressures remained low even in...

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An EU spokesperson reacted to this by saying that the dialogue is headed by the EU, not the US and Russia. According to the Albanian languge newspaper, the US president is preparing a ceremony to for the signing of an agreement on normalization of relations, which...

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