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He pointed out that Albanians are delaying and waiting for these circumstances to change. Dacic told TV Pink that it is a question what will happen in the US after the next presidential election and whether an administration that is not favorable for Serbian interests will return to power. "That administration was not so much Obama's as it was Clinton's," said Dacic, adding that another question is "whether Joseph Biden's return would be good for Serbian interests." Stating that the situation should be used to make some progress, Dacic pointed out that the Albanians are delaying and waiting for things to change. "For us, this is also an option, to wait," Dacic said, adding that he believes Kosovo will never become a member of Interpol, UNESCO, or the UN. Speaking about statements by Kosovo's leaders on delineation, he said that it was a cacophony coming from Pristina with the aim of not reaching any solution. Dacic also expects...

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